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Police Emergency Communications Officer

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Choosing Police Emergency Communications Officer (PECO) as a profession means that you enjoy a fast-paced, exciting environment in which to work. Many times, PECO’s are the first to speak with a citizen during an emergency, and must provide accurate information to the citizen and relay the information to the responding police officer. Assertiveness, as well as sensitivity to the needs of the public, is critical to ensure appropriate information is gathered and transmitted according to the situation. All PECO’s are cross-trained in call taking and the dispatching of officers to calls for service. There are also a wide variety of duties within the Communications Unit of JSO to develop a well-rounded career.

There is promotional opportunity within the emergency communications environment. Promotions for ranks of sergeant and lieutenant are accomplished through Civil Service exams.

These positions offer participants the option to be training coordinators, as well as shift and squad managers. They work to provide premier customer service for the citizens of Jacksonville through call monitoring, surveys, and development of their assigned personnel.

Jacksonville is a progressive city, and constantly provides law enforcement and protection for football games, musical festivals, and other special events. JSO utilizes the latest in technological support equipment, such as:

  • Printrak (Motorola) Computer Aided Dispatch System which allows call takers to electronically generate calls for service from the public and transmit these to dispatch, where dispatchers assign these calls to officers in the field
  • MicroData mapping, which assists call takers in pinpointing wireless call data in order to locate wireless callers and process their requests for police service; computerized Sentinel telephone equipment, which offers touch screen answering of calls for service and displays a separation between 9-1-1 trunks, non-emergency lines, and various functions required for answering and transferring calls for service

Choosing a career as a Police Emergency Communications Officer means that you will have opportunities to learn about and use the latest equipment, provide a tremendous service to the officers and citizens of Jacksonville, and work in an ever-changing environment dedicated to customer service. Lives depend on the service that our PECO’s provide.

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$2,749.71 a month

After the successful completion of one (1) year probation a PECO receives a 5% pay increase. Upon reaching three (3) years seniority PECO’s shall receive an 8% pay increase.  *Salary subject to change due to negotiations.

Important Information (November 9, 2018): We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are temporarily having issues accepting applications from yahoo.com email addresses. We ask that you please use a different email address while the issue is being addressed. Thank you!

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