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We are processing applications for FL Certified Corrections positions at this time.

We are processing Non-Certified Corrections Officers at this time.

Corrections Officer. The desire to serve your community manifests itself many forms. Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) hires only Corrections Officers who feel a strong sense of pride in their ability provide order and stability to incarcerated offenders. Officers in training. Corrections Officers look at their chosen career path as an avenue to a well respected profession that requires tremendous responsibility and provides long term job security. JSO views the time that offenders are incarcerated as time that can be spent restoring character, improving education and developing life skills.

Corrections Officers are the cornerstone on which this philosophy is built. The daily interaction with offenders affords Corrections Officers the opportunity to help people become better citizens, more capable of functioning in society, and helps reduce the rate of recidivism in Jacksonville. Corrections Officers and offenders are involved in daily classes including parenting skills, GED, literacy and substance abuse classes.

The Jacksonville Sheriff's Office Department of Corrections is comprised of more than 700 Corrections Officers and civilian personnel. It encompasses three correctional facilities which all provide secure, humane, corrective and productive detention of individuals incarcerated in Duval County. Officers in training.Corrections Officers can develop a well rounded career path by participating in many units, including the canine unit, pretrial services and the home detention unit. Corrections Recruits' (in the academy) base salary starts at $31,836 annually. Corrections Officers' (successfully completes corrections academy and field training program) receives $33,504 annually, topping out at $53,784. These base salaries typically increase every year in accordance with applicable collective bargaining agreements. In addition, those in the Corrections ranks may be eligible to receive education incentive pay. Other pay premium includes shift differential, working out-of-classification, state career incentives for advanced training, etc.

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In addition, Non-Certified Corrections Applicants must have;
In addition, Certified Corrections Officers must have;

The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office will sponsor recruit training for Non-Certified Corrections at the Northeast Florida Criminal Justice Training Center. Recruits will receive a salary and tuition will be paid to the candidates selected for the class.

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Corrections Recruiter:
(904) 713-4870

Northeast Florida Criminal Justice Training Center
JSO Recruitment Unit
4715 Capper Road Building P
Jacksonville, FL 32218