Jacksonville Sheriff's Office
Jacksonville Sheriff's Office


The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office (JSO) is one of the few Triple Crown Accredited law enforcement agencies in the country. JSO is dedicated to providing the highest standards for employees; the latest, state-of-the-art training; and the best equipment to develop the premier law enforcement agency in the country.

Sheriff Mike Williams and the rest of the JSO leadership team view law enforcement as a three-legged stool: Prevention & Intervention, Enforcement and Restoration. All legs work together to provide a strong, cohesive unit, able to bare tremendous weight. As one of the premier law enforcement agencies in the nation, JSO provides rigorous training, maintains the highest professional standards, and offers a technologically advanced academy to train the highest quality employees to serve the community.

JSO currently employs approximately 1,600 police officers, 700 correctional officers and 700 civilian personnel. Prospective employees are encouraged to carefully consider a career with JSO. The residents of Jacksonville look to JSO to provide a secure, well-maintained law enforcement presence in the community. JSO demands the best applicants, provides the best training and supports the best employees.

Candidates who feel the calling to pursue a career in law enforcement are ethical, motivated and grounded in the principle of Work for Justice, Live with Honor are encouraged to visit the Careers page on this site.